VOS™ for Mobile Sales

Sales representative typically use notebook computers so they can do presentations and win business while traveling. But what if the notebook is lost or stolen? As you can imagine, the potential exposure extends way beyond the loss of a computer.

With VOS™, sales reps can stay connected to your business directly over the Internet.  Sales can dedicate more time to closing deals when they can travel freely with secure access to their files at VOS™.

Secure the business data used by your mobile workforce with VOS™. If a notebook is lost, damaged or fails, your information is not at risk of loss.  All data stored on VOS™ is safe and sound!

Call (877) 287.9867 or email us to schedule a free, no obligation demonstration or find out how VOS™ can transform your business!
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"I bought a ultra-portable Mac computer that I can easily carry everywhere I go. The system is responsive and I can access VOS™ simply by using the integrated wifi. I took the system on vacation recently and I was able to enjoy this trip like never before. How cool is it to be thousands of miles from home and keep tabs on the business simply by connecting to the Internet? Cool doesn't begin to describe it! Thanks guys!"
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