Everybody deserves a break in this economy!

With the challenges of the economy today, what better time to tell about the cost savings of VOS™! Invite them to see why VOS™ is such an incredible business resource today!

Submitting valid referrals will enter you in a drawing with a chance to win $250!

If the referral signs up for VOS™ services you will receive $100! (details below)

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I'd like to tell you about a great business solution that I found called VOS. Choosing to use VOS has proven to be a sound business decision with real cost savings and significant operational benefits. I highly recommend that you check out this solution!

P.S. Call VOS at (877) 2TRY.VOS or visit to register for a brief demo. Seeing VOS in action is the best way to quickly get up to speed!

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Terms and conditions: You must be a current VOS™ customer to be eligible to enter. If a referral joins VOS™ a $100 credit will be applied to the next VOS™ invoice for the referring business following cleared payment of initial invoice by new customer. Referral and referral's business must not be a current VOS™ customer or prospect that is already actively engaged with VOS™. Recipient must be involved with a business or businesses in a manner in which they could influence the decision to use VOS™ services. Duplicate entries for different recipients that represent the same business will not be entered in the drawing. Drawing to be held quarterly, beginning September 30, 2009, on the condition that there is at least 20 valid referrals. In the event there are not 20 valid referrals at the scheduled drawing time, the drawing will be deferred until the next scheduled time and the valid entries will remain in the drawing. Drawing winners or status of deferred drawings will be posted on the VOS™ client Welcome screen in a timely fashion. Once a drawing is held, the winner will be contacted via email. Three attempts will be made to contact the winner within a three week period. If the winner does not respond or cannot be reached within 30 days of the drawing, the award is forfeited. VOS™ may elect to change or terminate this program at any time and for any reason. VOS™ may elect to discard non-winning submissions from the drawing after a winner is selected, or VOS™ may elect to allow those entries to remain in the pool for the next drawing, at their discretion and without notice. Please contact VOS™ with any questions.

“After hurricane Katrina, we began looking for a way to protect our data. That’s when we discovered VOS. We never knew such a product existed. Now we know our data is safe and we can get to it from anywhere. We love VOS and have recommended your company to other businesses.”

~ Darnell, Shuart and Associates
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"I bought a ultra-portable Mac computer that I can easily carry everywhere I go. The system is responsive and I can access VOS™ simply by using the integrated wifi. I took the system on vacation recently and I was able to enjoy this trip like never before. How cool is it to be thousands of miles from home and keep tabs on the business simply by connecting to the Internet? Cool doesn't begin to describe it! Thanks guys!"
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