VOS™ is Powerful and FAST

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Programs run faster across the Internet through VOS™ than they would on your local computer. Business computers can be streamlined to run just an Internet browser to connect to VOS™. Computers run faster and encounter fewer problems with the reduced load!

VOS™ maintains programs and data on servers with enormous POWER and CAPACITY - the same type of systems that large corporations use to run their operations. These enterprise systems have more memory, processing power and capacity than you could ever get in a desktop computer or notebook. These systems make VOS™ quick and responsive!

There are literally thousands of programs that can be hosted by VOS™. Hosted means installed, maintained, upgraded and protected by VOS™.

Are you ready to work at the speed of VOS™?
VOS Solutions
Hosted Programs
Remote Access
Mobile Sales
Hosted Email
Data Protection
Customer Relationship Mgmt
Web Hosting
Web Design
Business Sharing Tools
Dedicated Servers
Turn-key Solutions
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"I bought a ultra-portable Mac computer that I can easily carry everywhere I go. The system is responsive and I can access VOS™ simply by using the integrated wifi. I took the system on vacation recently and I was able to enjoy this trip like never before. How cool is it to be thousands of miles from home and keep tabs on the business simply by connecting to the Internet? Cool doesn't begin to describe it! Thanks guys!"
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