VOS™ is Powerful and FAST

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Programs run faster across the Internet through VOS™ than they would on your local computer. Business computers can be streamlined to run just an Internet browser to connect to VOS™. Computers run faster and encounter fewer problems with the reduced load!

VOS™ maintains programs and data on servers with enormous POWER and CAPACITY - the same type of systems that large corporations use to run their operations. These enterprise systems have more memory, processing power and capacity than you could ever get in a desktop computer or notebook. These systems make VOS™ quick and responsive!

There are literally thousands of programs that can be hosted by VOS™. Hosted means installed, maintained, upgraded and protected by VOS™.

Are you ready to work at the speed of VOS™?
VOS Solutions
Hosted Programs
Remote Access
Mobile Sales
Hosted Email
Data Protection
Customer Relationship Mgmt
Web Hosting
Web Design
Business Sharing Tools
Dedicated Servers
Turn-key Solutions
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“After hurricane Katrina, we began looking for a way to protect our data. That’s when we discovered VOS. We never knew such a product existed. Now we know our data is safe and we can get to it from anywhere. We love VOS and have recommended your company to other businesses.”

~ Darnell, Shuart and Associates
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