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Do you need a substantial amount of storage space for data or email? Or do you have internal tech support that can do user account administration? These are a couple considerations that may lead you to look a dedicated server hosting by VOS™.

Actually, think of it purely in terms of storage space. If you need 100GB or even 1TB, VOS™can make that available by reserving it solely for your use. Said another way, the space is dedicated to your account. VOS™ maintains the storage as it does for other services and this provides significant cost savings to you- especially when compared to the cost of buying and maintaining a server yourself! VOS™ can provide the email, Microsoft® Office programs, and other programs that your business needs with the benefit of low-cost, expandable storage capacity.

The other type of dedicated server offered by VOS™ is a physical piece of server hardware that is installed and maintained within a secure data center for you. In addition to the extra storage space that this can provide, you also have processing power and memory that is dedicated to your programs. Remote administration is available for this type of dedicated server to allow you or your IT support personnel the ability to install programs, do user account administration or use other features supported by the system.

Benefits of VOS™ dedicated servers:
  • Low cost point compared to buying your own server
  • Avoid the burden of maintaining a server
  • Backups performed by VOS™
  • Expand you capabilities with remote accessibility, shared calendars, and more!
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“I remember years ago when I was reviewing VOS as an alternative to buying another expensive server upgrade. When I saw that VOS gave us all the resources we needed and we didn’t need to worry about backups, upgrades or server maintenance- it was clear that it was the best solution for our Healthcare facilities. VOS has been great not only for cost savings but also for freeing up resources so we could better serve our residents.”  ~Tammy, CPA
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