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How To Reduce Cost and Run Your Business Smarter!

Consider running your business in the cloud. We’re talking about cloud computing, the latest phenomenon in IT technology. There has been much talk about this paradigm shift from traditional IT infrastructure to rethinking what’s possible in the cloud. Traditionally companies would run their business software applications on servers or business class computers networked to multiple work stations. The cost is huge to establish and maintain, especially considering the labor cost and the added expense to setup a backup system that may or may not meet your needs to avoid disaster. Building and maintaining technology infrastructure is not in line with the business strategy of most companies. This concept of cloud computing provides an exceptional advantage for any business, small or large, that wants to alleviate having to establish and maintain IT infrastructure.

Today, more and more businesses are choosing to utilize an IT business model called cloud computing. The advantages are many and can fit in every business model as long as they depend on a computer to help run their operation. It’s hard to find a company that doesn’t rely on a computer, not today!

Let’s take a look at several advantages that can reduce your cost and allow you to run your business smarter with greater efficiency.

1. Elimination of servers and business grade computer equipment. If you purchase a server, it will deteriorate over time and will need to be replaced with a new unit in about 5 years. This creates a cycle of cost that needs to be considered when calculating your return on investment (ROI). The cost of new hardware and labor to conduct upgrades will directly impact profits and these are critical factors in determining the overall cost to run your business. A cloud host provider buys and maintains all server hardware so you don’t have to. Typically these systems  are upgraded regularly to maintain peak performance, with no hassle or direct cost to you. All you need to access your systems is a standard PC or any device that can access the internet.

2. Convenience of accessing your software applications from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Consider working from home today. With the cloud, you can access your business systems any time of day or night. Go ahead; turn in those reports from the beach. How about bad weather or you just need to check in while on vacation …go ahead, you’re in the cloud! Your staff will be able to work from home or on the road with great efficiency.

3. Protection is a huge consideration for businesses if you want to stay in business. Secure automatic backing up of your company data is essential for the security of your business. Have “Peace of Mind” knowing your data is stored in world class SAS70II compliant data centers, providing the latest technology and highest quality components and equipment to ensure the best experience possible while using the service. Your information will be replicated on multiple servers and stored in different geographical locations. That’s what I call protection. Everybody I talk to has a story of their own or knows someone that has gone through the pain and cost of not having the right systems in place to prevent a potential disaster. It’s a scary thought.

4. Scalability is crucial in today’s ever competitive business environment. The cloud model will give your business the ability to add users or even locations easily without buying expensive equipment or building complex networks. Expansion can be a great thing but what about when you need to scale back because of economy or even seasonally. The cloud offers a pay as you grow concept or in some cases pay less as you slow. Being flexible without having to invest in infrastructure can be a very smart move. The low adjustable monthly fee for service provides a significant amount of savings that can be redirected to other, more important purposes that support business development.

There is a great deal of care and diligence behind the decisions you make for your business. There is a limited budget and money spent in one category reducing the amount of money available to spend in another. There are sound financial reasons behind the decision to join a cloud provider, and for a savvy business owner, it is due in part to the “cost of doing nothing”.

How much does it cost your business if you choose to not upgrade your software, computers or server? As your equipment ages it gets slower and more expensive to maintain. As the frequency of problems increases, your productivity decreases. Tangible and intangible costs add up quickly and the “cost of doing nothing” can threaten your bottom line.

That’s why there is a great interest in the cloud computing model, even during a down economy. There is no need to buy or upgrade a server and most of the time you can extend the life and usefulness of your existing computers. You’ll only need to be able to connect to the internet while the lion’s share of the work will be done in the data centers, running your applications much faster on updated equipment implementing the latest in technology.

Let VOS™ host your business and you can expect the following:

  • Low predictable monthly service fee
  • Access to VOS Microsoft certified technicians
  • 24 X 7 support line
  • Consistent speed and responsiveness
  • Secure off-site data storage
  • Automatic daily backup of your programs and data
  • Free upgrades on Microsoft Office programs
  • Work form nearly computer with internet access
  • Use Home offices or add remote locations with ease
  • and MORE!!!

Contact a VOS™ representative to find out how you can access the cloud to run your business. Call (877) 287-9867 today for a FREE evaluation.

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