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What Makes VOS™ the Best Business Hosting Solution

Many “hosting” providers are simply offering a traditional server that has burdened businesses with unnecessary expenses for decades, but then “hosting” it for you. VOS™ eliminates the need for you to buy or maintain server hardware which drastically reduces the financial and operation burden on your business.

VOS™ is the very best model for business technology resources with low, predictable fees, low maintenance burden and worry-free operations. Consider the following points during due diligence to ensure that your business gets the best service at the greatest value.

1. If you purchase a server (hosted or not), it will deteriorate over time and need to be replaced in about 3 to 5 years. The cost of new hardware and labor to conduct the upgrade will directly impact ROI and these are critical factors in determining the over cost. VOS™ buys and maintains all server hardware so you don’t have to. VOS™ servers are upgraded regularly to maintain peak performance- with no hassle or direct cost to customers.

2. If you find a provider that offers Microsoft® Office, they will likely provide only Office 2007. Find out what release of Office you would get and see if they will provide and install upgrades for free as they are released. VOS™ provides BOTH Office 2003 and Office 2007 to subscribers at the same time, making it convenient for subscribers to use and learn. At VOS™, installation of updates, Service Packs and future upgrades are included at no additional charge.

3. Many hosting providers will offer you one (1) server in one (1) location and it is likely that the backup is done at the same location. Find out how the backups are done and ask where they are stored so your business doesn’t lose all its data in a disaster. VOS™ includes backup in no less than 3 locations at multiple data centers that are geographically separated- included as part of our standard service.

4. Hosting providers often give you low speed SATA drives because they are cheap. See article where it reviews the reasons why high performance “…SAS drives {are} a better choice than SATA for the enterprise.” VOS™ uses only high speed SAS drives for the highest reliability and best performance.

5. Verify that the hosting provider will be installing Windows Server 2008 with current service packs for your server, and find out if future Operating System upgrades are free. VOS™ eliminates the need for you to buy Operating Systems. You pay only for the software and storage resources that your business needs.

6. Find out how much it will cost to add storage space, if you outgrow your storage in 3 to 5 years. You have the flexibility to add or reduce resources and “Pay as you grow” with virtually unlimited storage capacity at VOS™.

7. Verify that the hosting provider is providing enterprise Anti-virus for the server and spam/content filtering on email. These are standard features that are included with VOS™.

8. Is the hosting provider delivering service based on current technology such as 64-bit processors from a tier 1 vendor such as Intel, HP or IBM? VOS™ uses only top end servers- nothing from Dell or Gateway which often sacrifice quality for a lower price.

9. Is the hosting provider offering a service with the correct amount of memory as calculated via Microsoft best-practices. See which shows memory limitations of 32-bit platforms. Request an estimate on how much it costs to upgrade memory in 3 to 5 years if your changing workload requires more memory. (If the server maximum is 4 GB memory, find out how much it costs to address performance issues if that becomes insufficient.) VOS™ hosting uses load balancing to ensure the best performance for clients. Workload is spread across server farms with hundreds of processors and enormous amounts of memory.

10. Ask about the procedure the hosting provider will follow when migrating your data to their hosted system. VOS™ pre-determines how much data each user has on their computer and calculates the most efficient manner to migrate it to VOS™ servers. VOS™ Engineers can (with permission) connect to individual systems and directly upload data or they can copy large amounts of data to an encrypted external storage device (provided by VOS™) and have the device shipped Overnight Priority and loaded into the system- whatever is most efficient and convenient to the customer. Many hosting providers do not have a secure or efficient way to migrate your confidential business information; VOS™ is the premier Business hosting solution!

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