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VOS™ Shocks B2B Expo with Stunning Security Demo


VOS™ Shocks B2B Expo with Stunning Security Demo

United States 30, June2009 – VOS™ silenced the B2B Expo crowd during a live demo on the main stage when the VOS™ presenter let a laptop computer fall to the floor with a thunderous crash. The crowd was stunned by what appeared to be a catastrophe- the complete loss of a business computer. The staged “accident” demonstrated the value of VOS™ service to businesses. Far superior to any backup solution, files and data with VOS™ are not stored on the local computer where they would be vulnerable to loss from computer failure, damage or theft.

“It is critical that businesses know VOS™ can deliver superior security at less cost,” Sales Manager Aron Derstine says. “The convenience and ease of use is icing on the cake.”

VOS™ offers dramatic savings by providing Microsoft® Office, Microsoft® Outlook email, name brand accounting program and more for just over $2/day per person on average. VOS™ clients access their programs and files simply by browsing the Internet. VOS™ services support low cost home offices, mobile workforces and easy business expansion at a fraction of the typical cost associated with traditional server hardware and related expenses.

VOS™ brings a revolutionary change to business with technology that delivers full version, name brand business software to organizations in a manner that is simple and familiar to anyone who has used the Internet. Unlike many “web” software versions, programs provided by VOS™ look and feel like locally installed programs. Since there is nothing new to learn, businesses get immediate results with VOS™.

VOS™ deploys ultra high-performance systems and replaces hardware regularly to maintain peak responsiveness and speed of hosted programs. VOS™ certified engineers maintain programs and files in world-class data centers to ensure maximum protection and reliability.

With VOS™, there is no longer any need to buy or upgrade server hardware. Businesses can manage expenses with predictable monthly technology costs. Data protection, reduction of maintenance costs and managed backups further reduce the burden of technology on businesses with VOS™ service.

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VOS™ alleviates the financial and operational burden of technology from small to mid-size businesses by hosting and maintaining programs and data. VOS™ makes the end-user experience of running programs, storing data and sharing information as easy as browsing the Internet.

VOS™ service offerings include Microsoft® Office, client program hosting, program maintenance, secure data storage, remote access, daily backups, 24×7 technical support and more. The low cost makes the service affordable for any size business.

VOS™ maintains state-of-the-art systems in world-class data centers to provide maximum security, exceptional reliability and premium service.

VOS™ is a privately held company established in 2002 with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. With clients throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and countries around the globe, VOS™ continues to grow rapidly both domestically and internationally.


Aron Derstine, Sales Manager
(877) 2TRY.VOS

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