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Avoid Disaster with VOS™

A business typically has a business plan that includes a market analysis, financing information, management structure and details regarding the nature of the business. What is often overlooked is how events such as a flood, tornado, fire, freezing rain or even a simple power loss could pose serious problems for the business- maybe even jeopardize its existence. VOS™, Virtual Office Systems, provides solutions that not only allow businesses to weather the uncommon events but more importantly delivers the resources that improve operations every day of the week!

VOS™ is the premier online service provider of Microsoft Office®, Microsoft Exchange® email with Microsoft Outlook®, popular accounting software, and other industry leading software programs. The low monthly cost for VOS™ services provides the same resources to the client as if they had a full-scale server and an employee dedicated to support and maintenance of technology. VOS™ takes care of the technology so the client can focus on their business and their clients!

VOS™ services are provided through a secure Internet connection and the resources are hosted on enterprise class data centers to ensure the systems are available with the highest degree of protection. Since VOS™ provides the programs and storage on the Internet, clients can access their resources from the office, from home, or from nearly any computer with Internet access!

With VOS™ services, a business has the inherent advantage of a business continuity plan for their data and programs that are critical to their existence. Should the office become unavailable temporarily due to snow, ice or other weather conditions-the company systems are available from nearly any computer with Internet access. If there is ever a natural disaster or other event that affects the office or the ability to physically get to it-VOS™ services remain up and available!

You don't have to plan for a "rainy day" or attempt to consider every possible event that could negatively affect your business to justify using VOS™ services in your operations. VOS™ can begin to save you money, open the door to remote capabilities, bring mobility to your sales force and relieve the burden of technology management from the moment you sign up! Don't delay, contact VOS™ today!

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“I remember years ago when I was reviewing VOS as an alternative to buying another expensive server upgrade. When I saw that VOS gave us all the resources we needed and we didn’t need to worry about backups, upgrades or server maintenance- it was clear that it was the best solution for our Healthcare facilities. VOS has been great not only for cost savings but also for freeing up resources so we could better serve our residents.”  ~Tammy, CPA
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"I bought a ultra-portable Mac computer that I can easily carry everywhere I go. The system is responsive and I can access VOS™ simply by using the integrated wifi. I took the system on vacation recently and I was able to enjoy this trip like never before. How cool is it to be thousands of miles from home and keep tabs on the business simply by connecting to the Internet? Cool doesn't begin to describe it! Thanks guys!"
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