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VOS™ - Beyond Virtualization

Virtualization is great technology but it does not come close to delivering the resources that VOS™ can provide for a fraction of the cost. There is a lot of hype surrounding virtualization and unfortunately this pressure can lead to decisions that are not in the best interest of buyer.

Here are some misconceptions to consider before jumping into virtualization.

Misconception Consideration
Virtualization will save money. Virtualization requires more speed and memory to perform well; this often makes the solution cost more- not less.
I can run more servers on the same equipment. Virtualization may allow more servers to run on the same equipment, but performance may suffer.
It is easier to manage multiple servers in a virtualized environment. The tools to make server management more efficient increase the cost of the solution. Having multiple systems running on the same hardware can make troubleshooting more difficult and some software vendors do not support their products in a virtualized environment.
It is faster and easier to recover from system & software failures in virtualized environments. The system requirements for advanced data protection often double the cost of the solution. Running virtualized systems without compatible backup and recovery tools can put a business at risk of data loss.

VOS™ is the superior solution because it relieves businesses of the financial and operational burden of maintaining servers - virtualized or not! Free Microsoft® Office; upgrades, daily data backups, secure remote access, I.T. support and more contribute to making VOS™ the best choice and the best value on the market today.

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PDF File: VOS™ - Beyond Virtualization

"Since we began using VOS we have expanded across the U.S. We originally signed on with VOS to improve communication between our Ohio, Texas and Florida offices. However while in China, I was pleased to find that I could login to VOS and be as comfortable in front of my computer there, as I am at home."

~Nick, TNT Equipment
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“I remember years ago when I was reviewing VOS as an alternative to buying another expensive server upgrade. When I saw that VOS gave us all the resources we needed and we didn’t need to worry about backups, upgrades or server maintenance- it was clear that it was the best solution for our Healthcare facilities. VOS has been great not only for cost savings but also for freeing up resources so we could better serve our residents.”  ~Tammy, CPA
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