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VOS™ "No Server" Solution Defines New Era for Business

United States 14, May 2009 VOS™ makes enterprise technology resources affordable for any size business. VOS™ offers immediate financial relief to businesses by providing Microsoft® Office, Microsoft® Outlook email, name brand accounting program and more for just over $2/day per person on average. VOS™ clients access their programs and data simply by browsing the Internet. VOS™ services facilitate site-to-site connectivity, home offices, and workforce mobility at a fraction of the typical cost overhead for businesses.

VOS™ brings a revolutionary change to business with technology that delivers business continuity, advanced data security, and dramatic cost savings. The VOS™ service model is a clear divergence from traditional solutions and it is readily embraced by businesses across industries. VOS™ makes secure and scalable technology resources inexpensive for businesses to implement and manage.

With VOS™, there is no longer any need to buy or upgrade servers. VOS™ provides current Microsoft® Office software and future upgrades are provided to clients at no additional charge. Programs are maintained and updated by VOS™ in world-class data centers to ensure maximum protection and reliability.

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VOS™ alleviates the financial and operational burden of technology from small to mid-size businesses by hosting and maintaining programs and data. VOS™ makes the end-user experience of running programs, storing data and sharing information as easy as browsing the Internet.

VOS™ service offerings include Microsoft® Office, client program hosting, program maintenance, secure data storage, remote access, daily backups, 24x7 technical support and more. The low cost makes the service affordable for any size business.

VOS™ systems are maintained in state-of-the-art, world-class data centers to provide maximum security, exceptional reliability and premium service.

VOS™ is a privately held company established in 2002 with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. With clients throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and countries around the globe, VOS™ continues to grow rapidly both domestically and internationally.


Aron Derstine, Sales Manager
(877) 2TRY.VOS

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PDF File: VOS "No Server" Press Release

“I remember years ago when I was reviewing VOS as an alternative to buying another expensive server upgrade. When I saw that VOS gave us all the resources we needed and we didn’t need to worry about backups, upgrades or server maintenance- it was clear that it was the best solution for our Healthcare facilities. VOS has been great not only for cost savings but also for freeing up resources so we could better serve our residents.”  ~Tammy, CPA
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“After hurricane Katrina, we began looking for a way to protect our data. That’s when we discovered VOS. We never knew such a product existed. Now we know our data is safe and we can get to it from anywhere. We love VOS and have recommended your company to other businesses.”

~ Darnell, Shuart and Associates
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